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Dr. Stephanie Reissner

Empowering Families with 20 Years of Special Education Expertise

I'm Dr. Stephanie Reissner, and I have dedicated my professional life to supporting and advocating for children with special needs and their families. With nearly two decades of experience in the field of Special Education, my journey has been shaped by a deep passion for helping students reach their full potential and a commitment to empowering parents and educators with the tools they need to navigate the complex world of special education.

My Journey

My career began as a Special Education teacher, where I worked directly with students to support their learning and development. Through these years in the classroom, I saw firsthand the challenges that families face in securing appropriate services and accommodations for their children. This experience ignited my passion for advocacy and drove me to further my education and expertise.

My work is driven by the belief that every child deserves access to an education that meets their unique needs. I understand the frustrations and obstacles that families face, and I am here to provide the guidance, support, and tools necessary to overcome these challenges. Advocacy can be a daunting journey, but with the right knowledge and skills, it becomes a powerful tool for change. I invite you to explore my services and resources, and I look forward to supporting you on your advocacy journey.

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"Working with Stephanie was an absolute game changer for my family. Her expertise in navigating the special education system was invaluable, and she was able to help us secure the resources and accommodations that our child needed to thrive in school. Her compassion and dedication to our cause were evident from day one, and we are so grateful for her guidance."

Emily Davis

"I cannot recommend Dr. Reissner highly enough. Her advocacy skills are unparalleled, and she has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by families of children with special needs. She worked tirelessly to ensure that my child received the IEP that he needed to succeed in school, and her support and guidance were instrumental in helping us navigate a complicated system."

Johnathan Lee

"As a parent of a child with special needs, I was overwhelmed and intimidated by the process of securing the right educational resources for my child. Stephanie was a lifeline for us, providing much-needed guidance and support throughout the entire process. She went above and beyond to ensure that our child received the accommodations and services he needed, and her expertise and compassion were invaluable. I cannot thank her enough for all that she did for our family."

Laura Martinez

Dr. Reissner provides caregivers of children with special needs with a comprehensive approach to education and support. The information, resources and tools we provide can help you find the answers to your questions and meet your child’s unique learning needs.

The Confident Advocate Academy

Empower Your Advocacy Journey

The Confident Advocate Academy is a detailed course designed to equip parents and educators with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for children with special needs effectively. It covers essential topics like special education laws, IEP development, communication strategies, and advocacy techniques. Participants also gain access to weekly group strategy Q&A sessions for personalized support.

The Advocacy Blueprint

Tailored strategies for navigating the IEP process.

The Advocacy Blueprint offers an in-depth, personalized approach to understanding and navigating your child’s IEP process.

This service includes a thorough case file review, a one-hour live strategy session, and a comprehensive written follow-up.

This ensures you have a clear, actionable plan tailored to your child’s unique needs.

IEP Success Bundle: Planning & Advocacy

Master the IEP Process: Tailored Strategies with Expert Support

Maximize your child's IEP results. This bundle combines The Advocacy Blueprint's strategic planning with professional support at the IEP meeting. Get organized, develop a tailored plan, and secure the best outcome for your child. In-person attendance can be arranged for additional travel costs in specific states.

Advocate in Your Pocket:

1:1 Year-long Messenger Access

Continuous Support Year-Round

Advocate in Your Pocket offers personalized, ongoing support for an entire year. This service provides direct access to a special education advocate through messaging, ensuring you get timely advice and guidance as needed. It’s perfect for those who require continuous assistance in navigating the special education system.

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Although Stephanie Reissner, Advocate, offers skilled advocacy services, Stephanie Reissner is not held out as an expert in the fields of psychology, law, or medicine. It is expressly understood by the client that services provided by Stephanie Reissner are not to be construed as legal advice. Stephanie Reissner cannot, in any circumstances, act as your attorney. In signing this agreement for services, the client understands that Stephanie Reissner cannot guarantee or promise any specific desired outcome or result for your child’s particular case.